Application for Project Grant


SJI Mission statement:  “The Sino-Judaic Institute (SJI) is a non-denominational, non-political and non-profit organization, which was founded in 1985 by a group of international scholars and lay persons for the purpose of promoting understanding between Chinese and Jewish peoples, and to encourage and develop their cooperation in matters of mutual historic and cultural interest.”

In accordance with the above Mission statement, and with respect to SJI’s established priority areas of interests and concerns, SJI will entertain applications for grants in support of specific, definable research, publication & conference projects on an occasional basis.  These priority interests include, but are not limited to, the historical Jewish communities of Kaifeng, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Harbin & Tianjin, as well as contemporary foci of Sino-Judaic cross-cultural contacts such as adoptions, diasporas, literature, and religion.

The maximum amount of any single, board-approved grant will not exceed US$5,000.00 a year/per project. No more than three (3) grants will be awarded within any one fiscal year.  Proposals primarily for travel expenses are not encouraged.  At the conclusion of any approved project, SJI requires a final project report and, if appropriate, a copy of the project itself for our records.  SJI support must be credited formally in any completed project.


Applicants may be either individuals or not-for-profit organizations, and should complete a grant proposal based on the guidelines below and submit the completed materials to:

Dr. Steve Hochstadt
1252 West College Avenue
Jacksonville, IL 62650

The Grants Review Committee will process all applications.  The review committee may, if it so wishes, consult with any other SJI member(s), if such additional views and/or expertise is deemed of value to the evaluation process.  Following written recommendation by the review committee, consideration of all applications within any given fiscal year will be an agenda item at the SJI annual meeting.  However, the SJI president may convene an e-conference of the board at any time for any particular project(s) should he/she deem it appropriate.

Guidelines for Written Grant Proposal

A. Proposal Summary (Two pages maximum):

B. Required Attachments

C. Personal Information